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Enamel Gold Ring “Picasso's Secret”

Enamel Gold Ring “Picasso's Secret”

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Elegant ring made of precious enamel and 18K Gold Vermeil.

Jewelry will captivate you with its exquisite charm and elevate your presence in any setting.

As you wear this ring, you invite intrigue and admiration from others who recognize the artistic reference to Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Girl before a mirror". It sparks conversations, allowing you to share your love for art and ignite meaningful exchanges about beauty, capturing the attention and curiosity of those around you.

It took us about 30 days and 100 firings in a kiln at 800°C to create a single piece of Enamella.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Renee Gorman

I recommend it with all my heart! One of the ordered enamel ring turned out to be too small. Enamella correctrd the size for free. In addition, consultants can deal with stressed future brides :)

Brett Fritz

The ring with a central concave pattern with a picture of a girl in front of the Picasso mirror is simply great. It is made solidly and carefully, and its design is elegant and unique. I wear this ring every day. I would highly recommend!

Andrew Chase

A very professional approach to the customer, very nice enamel ring. I recommend.

Mabel Houston

Sensational customer service. Beautiful products. I haven't found such a great ring ( like from fairytale) anywhere. I wear the ring every day for several months and the quality is exemplary. I recommend :)

Patricia Powell

Quick, efficient, easy and very attractive price. Store worth recommending

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Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Girl in front of the mirror"

Art is always with you

How did we do it? Handmade by a talented team. Secret production technology. 30 days and 100 firings in an 800°C oven to create one part. Lots of love. And Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Girl before a mirror".

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